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Updated 27th January 2013

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Boarding at Chepstow Station
Chepstow needs and deserves regular services to Cheltenham Spa and Cardiff.

Our objective is for an extra train to fill the six two hour intervals in the local Arriva TrainsWales service. This will provide the town with a sensible regular hourly service throughout the day.

 You’ll find the best which yogurt is best for keto? here, you have time to get it! Chepstow lacks a basic hourly service. Instead it suffers a haphazard service with two hour breaks of service at peak times and randomly throughout the day without consideration to passenger needs. Six times during the day there are two hour intervals between trains.

BT4C calculate that it would involve increasing the number of train units and crews from four to five that we believe will cost about £500k per annum (latest estimates have increased to £2.5m per annum). This outlay would bring an increase in ticket revenue on all local services between Newport and Cheltenham and to the services that connect with them. Only here you are always welcome, together with book of ra deluxe za darmo you have no equal!

We know from experience that the long gaps in the service are not just an inconvenience but actually deter people from using the trains. Once people are caught out and have to wait a long time to get home from Newport, Gloucester or Cheltenham they are determined not to use the train again..

Since the Arriva TW trains now go to Cheltenham Spa and link with the other services the need for regular hourly schedules has become more apparent and more urgent.

Road congestion and rising fuel costs are a matter of increasing concern in Chepstow and many are looking towards the railway as a practical and reliable alternative to the car.

Arriva TW confirm that they have no plans to improve the service and can only do so with outside funding (from WAG).

SEWTA the group responsible for putting forward transport proposals for the WAG have called for a phased corridor development programme leading to a half-hourly service on the Chepstow line. We are optimistic that an hourly service will be introduced as the first phase in their plan for a half hourly service.

The Long-term Capital Programme in the South East Wales Transport Alliance (Sewta), Regional Transport Plan,Consultative Draft, July 2008 contains proposals for an hourly service in 2010 and an additional hourly service in 2014.

“SEWTA Rail Strategy Prioritised Investment Programme’’ will be adopted and form part of the Regional Transport Plan (RTP) to be submitted by SEWTA sometime in 2008 to the Welsh Assembly Government.’

It is encouraging to see these long overdue improvements included in Sewta’s plans. It is important that these aspirations are followed through and the necessary funding authorised by WAG in time to meet the planned dates..

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Regretably the proposals for the hourly service have still no reached the Wales Transport Plan. April 2012.

Click to see “BT4C Response to Sewta Plan” PDF document..



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